Whistler and Cross Country Skiing

4 03 2010

We managed to make it up to Whistler, the host resort for the snow based events for Vancouver 2010, before the Olympics finished. We got tickets to see the women’s 4x5km cross country relay. It happened at the cross country ski area, near Whistler. We had to get a 45min shuttle from the village up to the cross country ski park. The relay was won by Norway, with Germany second and Finland third. When we got back to Whistler they were playing a replay of the finish, and we spotted ourselves in the background……officially famous! We then watched the women’s ice hockey gold medal game on TV in the afternoon and rented gear ready for skiing the next day. We also saw a live TV interview of the Canadian Women’s two man bob-sleigh gold medallists from a few days before (that’s who are in the Canada jackets in the pictures).

For the Friday we got “Fresh Tracks” tickets, so we could go up early, get an all you can eat breakfast then be the first to use the runs. We started skiing about 9am, and the snow was perfect and untouched. Later in the day we took the peak 2 peak gondola (longest unsupported stretch in the world…1.38miles – pretty impressive views!) across to Blackcomb mountain, and did some runs over there, before coming back across and down into Whistler, and heading back home. The powder at the top of Blackcomb was really deep and the mountain was deserted, all in all amazing for skiing!




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